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A Message from our CEO

Marking two decades as a publicly-traded REIT, I am focused on SL Greenʼs commitment to corporate sustainability now more than ever. As we approach a new era of sustainability where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) decisions are inextricably linked with economic performance, SL Green is poised to be an industry leader. Our collective vision is using capital to generate productive, sustainable outcomes while limiting future risk to people and planet. Leveraging key ESG indicators identified by our investors and stakeholders, SL Green has assembled a portfolio that creates long-term value with a positive impact to society.

Today, no organization is more committed to meeting the dynamic needs of New York Cityʼs community than SL Green — a home-grown company that is unsurpassed  in demonstrating leadership in both financial performance and social responsibility. SL Greenʼs strategy is aligned with future resiliency of New York City as we meet citywide carbon reduction goals, deploy cutting-edge technology, and operate around the transportation hubs that are at the heart of the cityʼs vitality.

As a native New Yorker, it is of the utmost importance that SL Greenʼs portfolio propagates the collective vision of New York City as a united community. Together, we will transform the built environment to mitigate climate change and provide a high quality of life for all New Yorkers.

New buildings are reshaping the skyline while existing properties are being modernized and repurposed, all to perform at the highest levels of sustainability. Our vision for the most ambitious office tower in New York City has been manifested through the development of One Vanderbilt, where all design, construction, and operational elements prioritize environmental stewardship and societal responsibility.

Our unwavering commitment to New Yorkers is imperative to SL Greenʼs long-term business strategy. At SL Green, our vision is to build an environmentally and socially sustainable legacy for the city I love.

Marc Holliday

Chief Executive Officer

SL Green Realty Corp.