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A Message from our Director of Sustainability

Green buildings are no longer the exception, they╩╝re the rule. At SL Green, we believe that a strategy for environmental stewardship must also address economic growth and development in order for it to be sustainable. As New York City’s largest commercial landlord, we can make a significant impact by stabilizing our carbon footprint.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that real estate owners and managers work in partnership with local and federal governments to shape policies that yield both environmental and economic benefits. But our vision alone won’t change the world.

Environmental challenges are best solved by encouraging human ingenuity and developing cutting-edge technologies. As a leader in commercial real estate, SL Green is committed to implementing best practices and operating at the highest efficiency standards to strengthen our community’s resiliency, while maintaining our responsibility to our shareholders.

For over 20 years, the fortunes of New York City and SL Green have been intertwined. Our company is built on the highest standard of integrity and a pioneering spirit. Together we can influence New York City’s environmental future.

Laura Vulaj

Senior Vice President and Director of Sustainability

SL Green Realty Corp.